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Présidentielles 2012 : Lingway analyse les discours

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Naissance du premier avatar présentant une analyse du discours et des opinions politiques sur Internet !



Lingway, une start-up du net, a créé un avatar EDGAR, qui va, tous les 15 jours, analyser les discours politiques, en vue des présidentielles 2012.


Les premiers Posts d’EDGAR sont consultables sur le Blog de LINGWAY  ou directement sur le site You Tube.

"Cette application innovante fruit d’un partenariat avec Cantoche, permet de diffuser des informations pertinentes sous une forme attrayante pour leurs destinataires. Elle permet également de montrer simplement et de manière ludique, à travers des exemples concrets, ce que peuvent réaliser les technologies linguistiques et sémantiques qui sont au coeur de la solution LINGWAY e-Reputation" a indiqué Bernard Normier, PDG de LINGWAY, dans son communiqué de presse.


A suivre pour ceux/celles qui sont fan ... de politique et/ou de nouvelles technos !




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Twitfooter : insérer votre tweet dans la signature mail

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Twitfooter est un petit programme malin (relié à Twitter) qui permet d'insérer votre dernier tweet dans votre signature mail. C'est amusant, essayez-le ! Fonctionne sous Yahoo mail, Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook Express et Windows mail.








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La Cantine lance reseaudescantines.org

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Qu’est-ce que le réseau des Cantines ?

Le réseau des Cantines est un réseau acentré de lieux encourageant l’échange et la collaboration. Mais au-delà de lieux, les Cantines sont des dispositifs opérationnels au service de l’innovation.

Concrètement, les "propulseurs" des Cantines ont pour objectif : dynamisation de communautés, accompagnement d’acteurs émergents et diffusion des savoirs à travers l'organisation d'événements.


4 dispositifs sont déjà opérationels : Paris, Nantes, Rennes et Toulouse.  Ils sont portés par des associations locales de dimension régionale représentant au total plus de 1000 structures de l’innovation numérique (TPE/PME, grands comptes, associations et collectivités territoriales). La Mêlée à Toulouse, Atlantic 2.0 à Nantes, La Cantine Numérique Rennaise et Silicon Sentier à Paris.

Le réseau se développera naturellement, jour après jour, semaine après semaine. Intéressé/e ? Rejoignez-les ou suivez-les sur twitter, sur facebook ou bien sur : http://reseaudescantines.org !





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MIT : les 50 entreprises les plus innovantes

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Récemment, le - célèbre - MIT a listé les 50 entreprises les plus innovantes pour 2011 ; voici les 21 premières :

Computing & Communications
Public Companies (sociétés cotées)

1.       Apple
§         Why:The rest of the consumer electronics industry is scrambling to catch up to the iPad. The iPhone still sets the standard for smart phones, even if its market share slips.
§         Key innovation:Its limited lineup of mobile devices all run on the same easy-to-use software.

2.       ARM Holdings
§         Why:It is redesigning smart phones and tablets so that they'll use much less power and need recharging less often.
§         Key innovation:Developed energy-efficient customizable chips for mobile devices.

3.       HTC
§         Why:Smart phones that run Android have become an alternative to Apple's mobile devices.
§         Key innovation:Designed well-crafted devices in partnerships with Google and wireless carriers.

4.       IBM
§         Why:Computing can transform infrastructure such as electric grids and traffic control systems.
§         Key innovation:Is drawing on its research expertise and that of software companies it's acquired to develop services for many infrastructure industries and expand the market for information technologies.

5.       iRobot
§         Why:Robots can save lives by doing jobs too dangerous for people.
§         Key innovation:Its small, agile robots can detect and dispose of explosive devices for the military.
Private Companies (Sociétés non cotées)

6.       Calxeda
§         Why:Its technology can reduce the cost of computing in data centers.
§         Key innovation:Runs servers with cell-phone chips rather than processors built on industry--standard designs, which are more power-hungry.

7.       Lyric Semiconductor
§         Why: Computer chips that operate with probabilities instead of binary logic could speed applications such as fraud analysis and machine vision.
§         Key innovation:Its microprocessor uses electronic signals to represent probabilities rather than binary 0s and 1s.

8.       PrimeSense
§         Why:User interfaces based on gesture recognition make possible new applications in gaming and everyday computing.
§         Key innovation:Developed the 3-D sensor system that Microsoft's Kinect device uses to track movement.

9.       Square
§         Why:Expanding the use of mobile payments will help small businesses.
§         Key innovation:Built technology that lets anyone accept credit cards using smart phones.

Web & Digital Media
Public Companies (sociétés cotées)

10.    Akamai
§         Why:The exponential growth in traffic on the Web is possible because of services that route data intelligently.
§         Key innovation:Its algorithms optimize online routes for content delivery.

11.    Amazon.com
§         Why:E-books are finally becoming a large, mainstream market.
§         Key innovation:Even as it seeded the e-book market with the Kindle, Amazon has made it easy for people to read e-books on other devices, such as the iPad.

12.    Google
§         Why:It still sets the agenda in Web search, even as it pushes the development of Android for mobile devices.
§         Key innovation:Its software development process remains relatively fast even as the company has gotten very big.

13.    Netflix
§         Why:Inexpensive video on demand, delivered over the Internet, undercuts cable and points the way to a likely future for TV.
§         Key innovation:Built demand for a streaming video service by including it free with DVD-by-mail subscriptions.

Private Companies (sociétés non cotées)
14.    Cotendo
§         Why:Web applications must get faster and feel much more responsive to users if cloud computing is to keep growing.
§         Key innovation:Its technology efficiently routes traffic across the Internet and makes websites faster.

15.    Crowdcast
§         Why: Corporate decision-making gets smarter if it taps the insights of rank-and-file employees.
§         Key innovation:Private prediction markets let employees forecast the results of corporate choices.

16.    Facebook
§         Why:Social networking on the Web is becoming a powerful advertising medium and a platform for startups that offer add-on services.
§         Key innovation:Adapts quickly to shape its site into a medium that advertisers consistently want to use.

17.    Groupon
§         Why:By encouraging millions of people to sign up for quirky daily advertising e-mails, Groupon has created one of the fastest-growing revenue generators on the Web.
§         Key innovation:Offers local businesses a way to guarantee a return on their promotional budget, thereby tapping into a huge advertising pool that has eluded many Web companies.

18.    Layar
§         Why:Augmented reality enhances the value of a mobile device, employing its camera and GPS and displaying information about the user's surroundings.
§         Key innovation:Its development platform lets businesses and advertisers add AR functions to their own apps.

19.    Twitter
§         Why:Now that the company has begun to make money from its large user base, a service that has woven its way into everyday life is more likely to stick around.
§         Key innovation:Its business model offers selected opportunities for advertisers while drawing income from deals that let search engines index its content.

20.    Ushahidi
§         Why:Web tools can help people respond to crises such as earthquakes and political protests.
§         Key innovation:Its open-source crowdsourcing tool overlays field reports on maps, providing critical and often life-saving data during emergencies.

21.    Zynga
§         Why:Companies are building ¬businesses inside platforms like Facebook.
§         Key innovation:Its social games offer people a new way to interact online.

Eclairages complémentaires : un article en français (DSI) ou celui du MIT Technology Review




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Enquête sur la blogosphère française en 2010

Publié le par France

Voici les résultats de la 4ème enquête sur la Blogosphère française, en 2010. Exactement, 1.354 blogueuses et blogueurs ont participé à ce sondage en ligne.




Un grand merci aux initiateurs de cette étude* : Nowhere Else/ Steve Hemmerstoffe.


* Voir les Résultats de l'Enquête 2009.


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